About Us

As always, partners grows with you!

NIKO GREEN is a ‘think-do tank’ that provides green technologies, research, capacity development and advice on climate change and sustainability to organizations, businesses and governments.

Our Values are as follows:


We are connected by sustainability and the need to make the world a better place, one project or product at a time.


We obsess over how we can convert our clients into our biggest brand ambassadors.


And always strive to be pacesetters. We don’t obsess over competition but rather find a way of running away from it – by affirming our unique value proposition.


We are not afraid of challenging the status quo. Instead, we focus on disrupting it to create space for new paradigms, and in this, our contribution.


While theory is good, we go a step further and explore the practicability of all our endeavours. We think big and match it with big, bold and sustained actions.


We believe that innovation is not a reserve for one or a few. Innovating is NIKO GREEN’s lifeblood. We keep our eyes and ears open in our search for new ways of thinking and doing things. We keep it simple while at it.

Why Choose Us

As always, partners grows with you!

At NIKO GREEN we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Our solutions are as unique as our clients. No matter what your needs are, our focus is ondeveloping clear and appropriate priorities, assessing informational needs, and providing applicable technical analysis..


NIKO GREEN facilitates knowledge exchange and technology transfer to enable the diffusion of sustainable innovation in society. Our services are broadly categorized into two offerings, namely;

Niko Green Consulting, Advisory and Management Services

We provide a range of climate change and sustainability research, consulting and advisory services for policy development and implementation of management frameworks, process innovations, and sustainability projects.

Niko Green Technologies:

We provide technology and management systems that are cost-effective, more productive, and less carbon intensive. Our low-carbon technologies are transforming health, building, food, energy, hospitality markets.